• Craig Getchius

View From The Devil’s Backbone

View From Devil's Backbone

Sometimes taking landscape photos can be very lonely.  That is not true when you are out on these Colorado trails. People you come across on the trails are usually very friendly and full of information.  Such people have really be helpful to a newbie like me.

The one thing that has surprised me on these trails in the county and city are the number of elderly women walking the trails by themselves.  They always seem to have a smile on their face.  What is a little scary is when I engage them in conversation I usually discover that their husbands have passed on.  Since most of these women are like in their early seventies it concerns me that their husbands if still alive would most likely just be ten or less years older than me.  I don’t like that. It just does’t seem possible that I have reached such an age.

Anyway, I love this photo.  I hope that my love of this photograph is because of the composition and not for the fact that on the day it was capture I was having a blast.  You see I was using my new camera, the Fujifilm X-E1 and quickly falling in love with it. Note, I am note recommending it to others. It is just that the X-E1 is a perfect fit with my other cameras and for the type of work that I do. Also, on that day I was enjoying all the great conversations I was having with fellow hikers.  It was a perfect day.  I had a fun camera, the weather was perfect, the surrounding scenery was awesome, the clouds were interesting and the conversations with hikers were fun and interesting.  So are those memories the reason I love this photo or is the photo itself interesting?   Well I guess the public will make that decision.  CLG