• Craig Getchius

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit

St Vrain Canyon Cascade #1

Early morning in St Vrain Canyon

You know with all the hustle and bustle that is our every day lives, sometimes it is just nice to sit and let the world pass us by.  That is what happened when I took this photo.  I had been climbing over rocks, checking the light, cussing at the branches of small bushes that were blocking my view of what I figure to be the perfect photo.  I was getting exacerbated.  Time was running out. I was losing the light.  My neutral density filters were back at the car.  The car was half a mile away.  The moment was lost.  Then I sat on a rock and pouted.

The sound of the water from the creek began to sooth my distraught disposition.  I started to relax.    A sunbeam flowed between the canyon walls and I was engulfed with the warmth of morning light.  Then I saw this little cascade.  I liked it.  The little cascade and background was still covered by the shadow of the canyon wall.  There were no branches obstructing my view.  It was perfect for a one second exposure and I visualized the final print to be in black and white.  I didn’t even get up from the rock. I took my time and set up the tripod.  With the camera on the tripod I took three photos.  Then I said to hell with the rest of world and sat on the rock for an hour letting the world pass me by.  It felt good.  I wasn’t just a nature photographer, I was enjoying nature.