• Craig Getchius

It’s Spring and I See Green

When people think about nature photography in the Spring they think of photos of newly bloomed flowers, sprouting leaves on bushes and trees and plush green grass.  Actual in the mountain areas most of spring is about snow storms, hail, rain, brown valleys and bushes that look like they are dead and will never come back to life.  In the Rocky Mountains there are only a few weeks of what we imagine Spring to be.

This Spring in Colorado we have had our share of snow storms, hail and basically bad weather. Yet we can’t complain.  We desperately need the moisture to restore normal conditions in our lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs.  Thank God that has happened.  Now thankfully because of all those storms, nature’s green is beginning to appear in the canyons and mountains throughout Colorado.  There are even a few flowers blooming on mountain sides and slowly but surely those ugly branches on bushes are beginning to show signs of life.  This is a great time of year to be a nature photographer.

The photo here is titled, “Grass and Stones”.  The capture took place in Big Thompson Canyon alongside the Big Thompson River.  For those of you unfamiliar with Colorado, Big Thompson Canyon is located between Loveland and Estes Park Colorado.

This photo is proof that Spring has finally arrived in the Canyon.  Hope you enjoy.  CLG