• Craig Getchius

Holidays Over, Sickness Gone (well almost)

It’s been awhile since I last blogged.  I wish I could say that this lack of blogging was because of my photography but that was not the case.

First there was the drive to Houston Texas for Christmas.  Because of the the weather the wife and I found ourselves stuck in Kansas for an extra day.  Finally, even with a foot of snow on the highway we were able to continue to our destination.  It was well worth the drive to spend quality time with the family.  Driving home was uneventful. Once we arrived back in Fort Collins I came down with a sinus infection from hell that was followed up by an abscessed tooth.  Life can be better.

What was frustrating about all this is that I had really hit my stride when it came to photography.  I had gotten out the old photobooks of some of the masters and that inspired me.  Looking at the photos of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Bill Brandt rekindled in me my love for the actual process of photography.  I realized so often I would use photoshop to make an average snapshot into something more.  Photoshop is great but sometimes we (I) abuse it.  More about that another time.

Note:  Viewing photos on the internet is find and dandy but to really appreciate these photographers you need to see there work as they originally intend to be seen.  One of my favorite books is “Edward Weston  125 Photographs”.  Beside showcasing the photography of Weston the book is also full of many of his quotes about the photo session and/or subject matter.  Personally I think it is a must for those serious about photography.

Anyway, just before Christmas with the inspiration of the masters inside of me I found myself once again in the early morning, with camera and tripod at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The light was perfect,  the clouds were fair, the wind was blowing, the temperatures well below freezing.  I was shooting everything in sight.  Using every angle possible.  I had an excitement and anticipation running throughout my body that only photographers would understand.

Because of the holidays and sickness I have yet to complete all my post processing but here are a few photos from that day. Note: all the photos were shot with the Nikon D800.  I love that camera for landscapes.- CLG


So far this is one of my favorites from that morning. – CLG


This is kind of an ordinary photo but is perfect for a project that I am working on. – CLG


When I took this photo tourist were beginning to enter the park.  People would stop and look at me crawling around on the ground with my camera trying to find the perfect angle.  I don’t know if i will keep this photo or not but it has sentimental value for me. You see every time I look at the image I reflect on the faces of the tourist as they watched me.  I could tell they thought I was a little insane.  Hey, I’m trying to be a photographer so maybe they are correct with their evaluation of me. – CLG


A road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Thanks for visiting and for reading. – CLG