• Craig Getchius

Dingle, Ireland, Midnight

Dingle, Ireland, fog, midnight and kind of a self portrait. It was like I was back in some mystical time. Yep, I'm an American and this summer I had the awesome opportunity to visit Ireland.

I loved the fog and how it surrounded me, engulfed me. I felt like I was in another world. A world of Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I know the fictional world of Holmes took place for the most part in London England. But hey, I got a pretty active imagination. Fog, the light from the street lamps, the old buildings, the narrow streets the famous Irish walls all gave me the sense of being in another time. A time without cell phones, without automobiles, without television. A simpler time of daily living without the complex nature of our computerized, industrialized society.

It's funny how the little events in ones life can produce everlasting memories. Holding my wife's hand and together walking the streets of Dingle late at night is a memory I will always cherish.

I'm so lucky to have this memory and this photograph that will always bring back the emotions of the moment.

That is the essence of photography. It doesn't have to be the perfect photo. Photography can capture the moment and in so doing preserve the memories of that moment for ever and ever.

I captured this little moment of my life with my Fujifilm X-T1 and a 35mm lens.

Thank you for letting me share with you this moment of time in my life. Craig Getchius

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