• Craig Getchius

Devils Tower

Sorry I have not posted in a while.  I have been traveling a lot and just could not find the time to update my blog. But I am back now so here I go again.

This weekend my wife and I traveled over to the Devil’s Tower area. I took this photo for a client’s website. Unfortunately the camera was handheld so it is not very sharp. Also the horn on the longhorn has blown highlights. But since the photo will be really small for the web it will do. I waited half an hour hoping the longhorn would raise it’s head but he just kept eating.

We arrive at Devil’s Tower at about seven A.M. the fog was so thick that you could not see the tower. By the time I got my equipment set up the fog had basically gone. I am kicking myself for not getting the equipment set up in a timely fashion to document the lifting of the fog. Then I would have had some photos of DT that would not have been just tourism photos.

As a side note when we left the Devil’s Tower area, on a lark, we drove around the Black Hills in South Dakota for a couple of hours. Within those two hours we experienced rain, fog, hail, landscapes that still were covered with snow and finally had beautiful seventy-two degrees sunshine. Such is life this time of the year in the west.

Also note if you are planning on visiting the Black Hills in South Dakota it is well worth your time to take the side trip to Devils Tower.  There are plenty of camping sites in the area and the small town of Hulett, Wyoming (about twelve miles from Devils tower) has a Best Western. This area of Wyoming is populated with Cattle Ranches and the locals for the most part are friendly. Yes, Devil’s Tower was featured in the movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”. 5/17/10 – CG


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