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April’s First Blog

Updated: Jun 11

New April Blogging

April in a canyon

Being a nature photographer takes patience, perseverance, and talent. Except for the talent part, these also apply to the spouse of a nature photographer! My name is April Getchius and I’m married to Craig Getchius, a photographer. Traveling with him to some of the most beautiful places is the best part of my “job”. I act as his “mule” helping him carry equipment, running back to the car for a filter or a lens. We often joke that he really knows how to show me a good time! There are times when we sit for periods waiting for the light to change, waiting for animals to appear, or waiting for the time lapse to finish. Yet, somehow, these times, which some would say are boring, often provide some of the best memories for me. With the self-isolation we are all experiencing now, Craig has resurrected his CLG Photography Blog and I’m going to contribute now and then. It may provide a slightly different perspective and a bit of recognition for the significant others that support photographers everywhere!

Craig and I are based in Colorado and have so much beauty at our fingertips! We have traveled the area a great deal and have seen amazing vistas, beautiful animals, and gorgeous skies. Craig has been expanding my role from “mule” to assistant videographer. He’s teaching me about photography, lighting, F stops, and more. It has been so much fun. One of my favorite times is when he taught me how to “paint” with light near Rocky Mountain National Park. It is amazing what impact a simple flashlight can have and the drama it creates. I’ll write about that at a later date.

My assistance can be invaluable in a pinch! On a recent trip to White Sands National Park, Craig had an issue with the sensor of a camera. It had dirt on it and was presenting spots on the photos and videos. We were in a remote location in New Mexico (think scenes from “Breaking Bad”) with not so much as a Best Buy within miles. Craig didn’t have his equipment to clean the sensor but my maternal experience kicked in! “How about using one of those baby nasal aerators to blow the dirt off of the sensor?” Well, off to Walgreen’s we went (because there IS one of those on every corner, even in remote New Mexico!). The baby section had just what we were looking for and it worked – at least in the short term. Two heads can be better than one! I will write more of our experiences – good, bad, funny and frustrating- all from my perspective. I hope you enjoy. – ADG