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Hello, I'm Craig Getchius.


I have been a professional photographer for about forty years. I started out shooting portraits on college campuses in the state of Illinois. Then it was on to wedding photography, then fashion and advertising with some stops along the way doing medical and legal photography.


Recently, my wife and I have moved to Colorado. Living in Colorado has sparked a new creative process within me. I am now concentrating on landscape photography, street photography and candids of everyday people in everyday situations.


One would categorize my photographic education as being self taught. Yet, that is not true. I have learned my craft from working for and with others. To those people I will always be indebted to their willingness to share their knowledge freely with me. Yes, the best way to learn to be a photographer is to learn from others, be open to exploration, to challenge yourself to be better and not to be selfabsorbed. And of course you need to go out, experience the world and create. That is what I continue to try to do.


My heroes in the photography profession are the old masters; Edward Weston, Bill Brandt, Henri Carter-Bresson and Ansel Adams. To this day their photography overwhelms me, humbles me and inspires me to keep learning and creating.


My philosophy towards photography is inspired by the words of Imogen Cunningham; "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow."


I also believe to be a true photographer, a photographer should be in total control of the creative process. So all my portfolio, gallery and fine art prints are printed by me and below the photo signed by me. I believe while viewing pictures on the web is fun, there is no greater experience then holding a well created photographic print in one's hands and or owning a print that hangs on one's wall.


My favorite photographic experiences are;


1. When I capture the special moment that is happening around me.


2. When I take that special capture and create a print that I want on my wall.


3. My biggest satisfaction of all is when an individual admires my work so much that he/she hangs it on their wall. That is the greatest compliment a photographer can have.


My photography is how I see the world around me. It is about what inspires me and what in my life I want to share with the world. When I take a picture I am capturing the moment. I am also through the photographic process interpeting the moment. When I share a photograph with the world I am also sharing a little bit of my soul. Ansel Adams said it best, "“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” That is what I and my photography are all about.


Thank you, Craig L. Getchius

Photographer: Craig L. Getchius
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